As with any rental company, we have a set of policies that our tenants are expected to follow. The policies are here to protect the home, the tenant, and the owner. Adhering to these regulations will keep the tenant in good standing with management and provide a peaceful living experience in our properties.

We value the conditions of our homes and we ask that tenants work hard to maintain that value. While living in one of our properties, you will be expected to keep the home clean and free from excessive clutter of personal property. When the time comes to move, the property is expected to be left in the same condition in which it was on the date of the rental agreement. Any damages caused by the tenant must be repaired before departure from the property.

Other policies to maintain property value include:

  • No smoking in homes (outside only)
  • No loud music or other loud noises that may disturb neighbors
  • No subletting or assigning of the lease
  • No swing sets, swimming pools, or trampolines.
  • Satellites are not to be attached to the home and must be removed when tenant vacates the home.
  • Be aware that convicted felons are not allowed to live in any of our properties.
  • Background checks required for all tenants.

It will be left up to the tenant to insure his or her own belongings. Be sure to take care of the home in order to avoid damaging your personal property.

Two vehicles are allowed to be parked at the residence. RV’s, campers, off-road vehicles (e.g., 4-wheelers) or boats are allowed as long as you have written permission of management. Make sure to take care of any vehicles that have been abandoned or are inoperable. These vehicles may be removed by management/owner within 30 days of noted abandonment/inoperability at the tenant’s expense.

Most pets are allowed on our properties with written approval from management. Exotic pets are not allowed. Check with management to make sure your pet qualifies.

Other pet regulations:

  • Your pet must be leashed and attended to when outside.
  • Noisy pets that disturb neighbors will not be allowed
  • Any pets moved in without notice will be cause for immediate eviction
  • A non-refundable pet fee of $500.00 is required with written approval.

Be sure to take care of your pets so that they and the property will be in good condition.

Keep in mind that the agreement may be terminated by owner/management for any violation made by the tenant or for actions including, but not limited to, the following: disturbance of neighbors, unruly or unlawful conduct, damage to property and late payments. So long as you meet these policies, the property should serve you well and your stay will be all the more enjoyable.

Any questions about the policies? Call us at 318-321-2570. We’re happy to help!

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